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Craigslist vs. Medellin Dating | Medellin Women Seeking Marriage

In today’s generation, the dating practices worldwide have changed due to technology. It has become more advanced, thus, making dating a lot easier. Along with the advancement of technology is the rise of countless online dating sites and marriage agencies. Now, dating someone miles away is just a few clicks away with a smartphone in hand.

This scenario has created both an advantage and disadvantage, especially for those people who wish to meet and go out with someone from another country. Due to high demand, countless dating sites are fogging up the internet with the same goal of helping every single man and woman in the world find one’s possible match.

Some of those dating sites or marriage agencies have great successful growth, and others don’t. Many individuals around the world have found their lifetime match through such means. However, it can’t be denied that there are still some people who had terrible experiences with such mediums.

Craigslist and Medellin Dating are among those leading sites that most single men and women are enjoying today. Though these sites almost have the same services to offer, there are still differences that would make you realize which site to trust best.

Here are some of those glaring differences:

More About Craigslist

One of the most popular websites is Craigslist. It is a renowned American advertising company which offers services in terms of jobs, sales, gigs, resumes, housing, community services, and discussion forums. It was founded by Craig Newman and was established in 1995. As the site rose in popularity, several users started it as a platform for meeting a possible lifetime partner. Thus, making its personal section the most visited one.

Some Craigslist users shared success stories as they journeyed with it in finding their match. Yet, the site itself also led to numerous problems in terms of the security and safety of the users. Hence, most of its users left negative feedback --- the reason for the site’s downfall.

Personals Are Random

One of the greatest mistakes of Craigslist is not being able to provide a host company. And that being said, all of the accounts on the said site are handled by the users themselves. Nobody verifies the authenticity of the accounts, giving scammers an easy way in.

It’s very difficult for the users to recognize which profiles are legit and which are not since it’s so easy to get photos on the internet for fake identities. Users have been regularly complaining about it, but Craigslist failed to address such concerns.

Profiles Are Unverified

As mentioned, profiles on Craigslist are not verified, not even a single one. Those users who blindly trust just anyone they communicate with usually end up being played and tricked to use their money. The worst thing is there’s no one to hold accountable for the crime. Thus, users have had an awful experience with the site. Still, Craigslist failed to address the said problem, making the users withdraw their accounts.

Meet-ups Are Unsecured

Meeting someone in person you just met through an online dating site will not give you enough assurance of a secured meetup. Craigslist still failed to keep track of their meetups. As a result, many users of Craigslist fall as victims of other users. Instead of a fun and exciting meetup, it ended up in murder, robbery, kidnapping, assault, and a lot more.

More About

Medellin Dating

Medellin Dating is also one of the leading sites that single men and women are using nowadays. Our website was first created and launched in 1995, just like that of Craigslist. From that year on, it has become the most respected marriage agency in Medellin. Its good reputation, however, can be attributed to the high quality of its services.

Our site already contains everything that you need to know about us. If you browse our page, you can easily see important information such as how to join the singles tours, how to meet Medellin women, and the like.

For a little input, our site highlights its excellent matchmaking service by which you will be able to meet beautiful Medellin women. These ladies are serious in their quest for love and marriage with foreign men. These Medellin women you see on our site are managed by professional matchmakers who represent the company. They are the ones who are responsible for assisting the men and the women in finding their match.

Presence of a Host Company

One of the biggest differences between Craigslist and Medellin Dating is the presence of a host company. The host name alone assures the clients a secure, safety, and a memorable experience. Our site, itself, already has all the useful and in depth details about the company’s background and services offered. The profiles of the women are also organized and contain factual information about them. Also, we regularly update our site with relevant data, blogs, and upcoming events like Singles Vacation.

Profiles and Accounts Are Verified

Unlike Craigslist, profiles and accounts in Medellin Dating are verified by our hands-on staff. They have undergone a thorough background check and verification beforehand. Thus, you are guaranteed that the women you see today will be the same women you will meet on the socials. Also, you are guaranteed that the photos and videos on our site are all authentic. There’s no way unwanted schemes can happen to our clients. So, you don’t have to worry about anything when chatting with Colombian women.

Meet-ups Are Secured and Monitored

Medellin Dating tours have both singles group tours and individual tours which serve as a meetup for foreign men and the lovely women. It is designed so that men can have enough time knowing the women of their choice as they find their future lifetime partner. In contrast to Craigslist, our services come with accomodation, safety. and fun social meetups.

Our staff will also be present during the entire duration of the tour, as well as professional translators, to ensure that there will be no problem to occur. It is made to give both party a hassle-free experience in meeting and finding the love of their life. Indeed, Medellin Dating has more positive things to look forward to unlike Craigslist.

So, don’t delay! Register for FREE today and join our upcoming singles tours to Medellin to finally meet your best match!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 25 May, 2022 - Tuesday, 31 May, 2022
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!