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How to Dress When You're Dating a Colombian Girl

A photo of a neatly dressed man tying his shoe
Medellin DatingKnow how to leave a good impression when dating a Colombian girl.
Photo by THOR GARLAN on Pexels

There is nothing cliché about observing proper dress codes when dating Colombian women.

This is especially important for western men who have taken an interest in these stunning beauties. Knowing how to dress will indeed affect the way these women see you as a potential partner, so the question is, are you willing to throw away your chances of getting them to like you because of something as simple as a poor wardrobe choice?

If not, we have listed down some basic tips that will guide you through the process of knowing what to wear when dating a Colombian girl. Not only will you be leaving a good impression in looking neat and presentable, but you will also start to feel more of a classy gentleman who knows what he’s doing.

  1. Start with the perfect fit.

    There are clothes that look as if they were intentionally made for you, so it’s your job to know which button down shirt and pair of pants fit you perfectly. Make sure there’s enough room for you to move around in them so that you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable during your date.

    Your shirt should be able to accentuate your arms and broad shoulders. For your pants, see to it that the length is proportionate to your height. To determine the level of comfortability, try sitting and walking around in them. Check if you can easily slide your hands into the side pockets as well.

    Quick tip: No matter how old you are, never go for a pair of ripped jeans.

    Wearing clothes that complement your body figure is proven to be more attractive than sporting the latest fashion pieces. If you’re able to manage this, shopping for clothes in the future will be less of a hassle since you know which measurements best fit your body well.

  2. Follow a color scheme.

    To look professional, sharp, and clean, stick to dark and neutral colors.

    Black, navy blue, dark grey, and tan are some of the best go-to options for your shirt. The same goes for your pants and trousers as well.

    You’ll find that dark and neutral colors are easier to mix and match as they don’t scream for extra attention. Most importantly, they are sure to make you look more mature and respectable.

    If you think this color scheme is dull and boring, take note that it has been proven time and again that dark colors increase the level of attractiveness.

    You might notice that some women in Colombia tend to show up in bright and flashy colors, but then again, women usually make bold choices when it comes to fashion. And most of the time, they always end up looking great.

  3. Accessories are key.

    Wearing the right kind of belt and a simple wristwatch can make all the difference in how you look and present yourself. Ditch the gold necklace, designer scarf, and fancy fedora. The key is to look simple, yet elegant. Showing up with too many accessories can come off as trying to brag about every little expensive thing you own.

    Keep in mind that your choice of accessories can also reflect your personality.

    A leather watch is a definitive piece that will always leave you looking neat and classy. When it comes to jewelry, however, use your best judgement. Check if they don’t clash with your overall outfit.

    It's the same with knowing what clothes fit you well to accentuate your body figure — knowing what accessories to wear will help accentuate your look. As long as they don’t take the attention away from you when you speak, you’re good to go.

  4. Dress for the occasion.

    Surprisingly enough, some men can be so focused on looking their best that they fail to consider if what they’re wearing is appropriate for the location of their date.

    If you are meeting at an upscale restaurant, a neatly ironed dress shirt and pair of trousers will suffice. If it’s a more physically active date, make sure you wear the right shoes. For a simple and homey afternoon at a coffee shop, wear a light-colored linen shirt.

    Remember that dressing up must also be partnered with dressing right.

  5. Groom properly.

    While your choice of clothing and accessories plays a role in how you look, all your efforts will go down the drain if you don’t take the time to do some grooming.

    First impressions are usually made when you and your date’s eyes first meet. Even if you’re the most smartly dressed man in the room, none of it will matter if your hair is a mess, or if you didn’t shave off that scruffy beard, or if you have some leftover food stuck in your teeth.

    Colombian girls will easily notice these things at first glance. To make sure you don’t mess this up, make it a point to arrive at least a half hour early at your meeting place so you can do a once-over in the restroom.

    Being untidy and unhygienic is a major deal breaker for many women, and in Colombian dating culture, this will only show that you didn’t care enough to look your best for your lovely date.

    Remember to trim your nails and excess body hair, and go easy on the cologne.

    Proper grooming is a basic requirement for any man who is interested in dating a Colombian girl.

The Road to Being Well Dressed

Be careful not to get so caught up on how you look to the point that you might not know how to tell if a Colombian girl likes you. Your physical appearance might not be the only thing these women will look into, but always remember that when you know you look good, you will definitely feel good.

Once you figure out how to dress and present yourself, you can move on to preparing for your conversations. Know what questions to ask a Colombian girl and focus on getting to know each other before anything else.

All this preparation will come in handy for when you start dating a Colombian girl, so you best believe that your efforts will absolutely be worth it the moment you show up to your date. With that, you’re sure to leave a great and lasting impression.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!