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Dating in Medellin: Making an Impression on Colombian Women

Man who got to meet a girl
Medellin DatingMake an impression when dating in Medellin.
Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels

There are more than a few men around the world who find themselves wishing they had the company of Colombian women and probably end up with one of them in the future. Many of those men signed up with free online dating sites in order to make that wish come true, but free dating sites can only do so much. These sites can bring couples together, but forming the actual connection is going to be almost entirely on the couple.

The thing about dating sites is that they can do a lot for a person trying to find a partner. They are presented with options and can even set up a meeting with someone they’re interested in.

But in terms of making actual romantic connections, online dating sites can’t do that. Only the people who are in those relationships can do that. Sure, the sites can set up and facilitate meetings, but they cannot manufacture chemistry.

Those sites are also unable to make a man more impressive. They cannot help a man stand out and they cannot help a man make a good impression on the woman he is interested in. For guys who want to start dating in Medellin, they are going to have to put some work in if they want to make connections.

To improve your chances of success, try these tips:

1. Learn a Few Phrases

Many people in the west are monolingual. They learn one language and then decide that that’s it. Even when they go to a foreign country, they get a little peeved when people don’t speak English and think that speaking English slower and louder is helpful.

The thing is that different countries can sometimes have different languages. Colombian women may not be entirely fluent in English, which is going to make communication hard. Communication is kind of the bedrock on which a solid relationship is built.

As such, it is important to pick some Spanish. Learning Spanish is not something that is easily accomplished, but knowing at least some of the language can help to make a good impression on a Colombian lady.

Knowing Spanish can help a man stand out from all the other guys vying for the romantic attention of a Colombian woman.

2. Smell Good

One great way to make an impression is to smell good. Sure, smelling like a sewer can make a pretty vivid impression and get you some attention, but it is generally not the kind of attention that you want, not if you want to succeed at finding love.

A great way to get a woman’s attention is to smell good. One way to smell good is to scrub properly with soap and use deodorant. In addition to having proper hygiene is to wear some cologne.

Some guys wear too much cologne because people think that cologne is a substitute for whatever it is they feel that they lack. So if you choose to put on some cologne before you meet a girl, make sure to use it sparingly.

Smelling well is particularly important because smell is closely linked to memory. So smelling good can help make an impression better retroactively.

Of course, since trying to meet a woman from Colombia may entail some international travel, which usually means air travel, cologne may not be allowed in carry-on luggage. But fret not because duty-free shops in airports usually have a pretty good selection of cologne available for purchase.

3. Stand Up Straight

Studies have shown that women prefer men who are tall. In fact, on a lot of dating apps, many women will have it in their bio that they only want a man who is six feet tall, or taller. Many men will indicate their height in their bio for this reason.

However, the vast majority of American men are not six feet tall. Sure, a man who is five-foot-eleven might say that he’s basically six feet tall, but he knows the truth. In fact, only about 14 percent of men in the United States grow to be six feet tall or more.

Height is indeed a great way to stand out, literally and figuratively. It is also a great way to leave a good impression.

Not everyone has height, but some people can give off the illusion of height by simply standing up straight. Another thing that can be done is wear lifts that go into shoes or shoes that give a few extra inches in height.

4. Foot the bill

There is no denying that throughout history, there has sometimes been an economic component to marriage. People marry in order to gain some kind of financial windfall, and it is just one of those things that is deemed acceptable.

The thing is that while not all women are gold diggers, they also don’t want to be with someone who is completely broke. For that reason, they sometimes go for men with higher means. The arrangement may not be all that romantic, but there are people out there who are capable of enjoying themselves regardless of the lack of romance.

If you do have the means and find someone who is looking for a man like you (and you don’t mind the motivation behind the relationship), then go for it.

5. Try to Have Fun

Some people can read another person’s energy. This is because they have a natural empathy and are better able to feel what someone else is feeling. So if a person is having fun, these empaths are going to be able to pick up on that energy.

Sometimes, these empaths are the beautiful women that you are trying to date. So if you are with them, try to have fun just in case some of them are able to pick up on the vibe that you’re putting out into the universe.

Many guys want to date Colombian women, but making a good impression is going to be important in order to land a date. Hopefully these tips can help you with that.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!