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Find and Meet Your Match in Medellin!

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BEST Places for Dates in Medellin Colombia

Dating in Medellin Colombia
Medellin DatingDiscover romantic activities to do and places
to go in Medellin Colombia.

Medellin Colombia is one of the best cities to meet beautiful women. It’s also a wonderful travel destination. Foreigners visit the area to explore and experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle the place offers.

If you’re here with your significant other looking for things to do, then you’re on the right page. There are tons of romantic activities you can do in this part of the globe.

Known as the City of Eternal Spring, tourists swarm this city because of its pleasant warm weather all year round. The high surrounding mountains covered by lush greenery and exquisite flowers scream romance. This place is definitely a wonderful place to fall in love in. Whether you are single or already in a relationship, there’s no reason not to try and experience these date destinations.

Romantic Date Ideas in Medellin Colombia

The country of Colombia is, in itself, a paradise. Its sunny days and warm pleasant nights are enough to sweep you off your feet. It is a must-try place to visit with your partner.

In Medellin, you’ll experience falling in love over again with one another. So what intimate activities can you do and where is the best place for them?

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the ultimate list. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this list will be your guide in finding romantic places in Medellin Colombia.

Local Medellin Restaurants

Dinner dates are pretty straight-forward and remain to be one of the most popular date go-to-activity. You get to sit down, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while feasting on succulent food. This date setting is perfect if you want to talk all-night and get to know your date better. There are numerous date-worthy restaurants in the city of Medellin, here are our top picks:

  • Cavieli Ristorante Caffe’ Pizzeria | Italian Cuisines | Diagonal 75b 2a 120 Int. 175 Rotonda Las Americas, Medellin
  • Restaurante Barcal | Colombian and Contemporary Cuisine | Calle 44a 7d 43A-70 Barrio El Poblado, Sector Astorga, Diagonal a la Torre Almagran, Medellin
  • Restaurante In Situ | South American Cuisines | Calle 73 51d 14 Jardin Botanico, Medellin
  • Niku | Japanese Cuisines, Sushi | Carrera 25 1 155 Mall Platinum, Medellin
  • Malanga del Tropico | Caribbean, Latin Cuisines | Primer Parque de Laureles Calle 38 # 79-46, Medellin

The food scene in the country is nothing short of diverse. You can find varieties of food from different cuisines within the radius of your hotel. While you’re in the country, why not try their local food and delicacies? You and your date might like them.

Museums and Colombian Heritage Sites

Learning about history and culture is a great way to take someone out on a date. You both get to broaden your knowledge of a country’s history and culture together. Some of the must-see museums and heritage sites you should visit in Medellin are:

  • Museo de Antioquia | Historic Art Museum, features artworks by native artists Fernando Botero & Pedro Nel Gomez | Cl. 52 #52-43, Medellin
  • Parque Explora | Science Museum, features a massive freshwater aquarium, interactive exhibits, and a planetarium | Cra 52 ##73-75, Medellin
  • Sculpture Park Nutibara Hill | Heritage Site, popular tourist attraction | Pueblito Paisa Cerro De Nutibara, Medellin
  • Casa Museo Pablo Escobar | Museum, tourist attraction | Cl. 10b #28 - 90, Medellin

Museums are a great place to take your date. You will be surrounded by art pieces that will give you something to talk about.

Local Parks and Plazas in Medellin

If you’re looking for free things to do in Medellin on dates, visiting local parks are a great option. You can mindlessly stroll around and chat with your date while marveling at nature. You can even bring snacks and have a picnic, sound good right? Medellin is home to several breath-taking parks, here are a few you can visit:

  • Jardin Botanico | Cl. 73 #5114, Medellin
  • Parque de los Pies Descalzos | Cra. 58 #42-125, Medellin
  • Plaza Botero | Av. Carabobo, Medellin
  • Parque de la bailarina | 43e #7D-70, Medellin

Enjoy the green scenery, breathe the fresh air, and relish at the beauty of these locations.

Medellin Bars and Nightclubs

If you and your date prefer being at bars and nightclubs, then Parque Lleras Medellin is the place to go. It is known as the most popular nightlife district in the city. Here you’ll find an abundance of bars, clubs, cafes, and restaurants. You and your date can choose to dance the night away or drink to your heart’s content (or both!).

Theatres and Cinema Houses in Medellin

If you and your date prefer a more calm night, you can watch theatre performances and films instead. You can mostly find these theatre houses in the downtown area of the city. They offer almost everything from orchestral performances to live acting performances and ballet. Here are theatres to visit:

  • Teatro Pablo Tobon
  • Teatro Metropolitano
  • Teatro Universidad de Medellin

As for cinema houses, you can find them inside most malls in the city. They show local films with both Spanish and English subtitles. You don’t have to worry about not speaking Spanish.

Medellin Tourist Attractions

There are things to do in Colombia aside from normal date nights. One of which is trying local tourist attractions. Medellin, being the second-largest city in the country and often visited by foreigners, is filled with these fun tourist activities. Here are some things you can try:

  • Take the metro cable system that goes up to Parque Arvi. You get to ride in a cable car floating a few hundred meters above the ground. It provides a great view of the city as well as the neighboring towns. If you’re not afraid of heights, then this is truly a must-try activity.
  • Visit Guatape. It’s a surreal picturesque lake town surrounded by huge bodies of water. Nature-lovers often visit this place due to its beautiful landscape.
  • Enroll in a Salsa Class. Don’t even worry about having two left feet, it’s about gaining experience and having fun.

There are a lot of things to do and equally lots of places to go in Medellin Colombia. If you ever do decide to visit the country, make sure you make the most of it.

Going on Dates Strengthens Relationships

Romance is important in relationships with Colombian women. That’s why going out on dates is vital in retaining a healthy relationship. Dating during any relationship keeps the fire of passion burning. Luckily, there are countless date destinations and date activities you can try in Medellin Colombia.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!